Matterhorn - Ski & Snowboard Neck Warmer


Unique & stylish polar fleece neck warmer ideal for Skiers and Snowboarders.

Wear Imagination

TOR Attire is proud to unveil the "Matterhorn" neck warmer.

Whether you are carving down a mountain, trekking through a forest or out late on a cold night. The "Matterhorn" multifunctional neck warmer will keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures, and due to its breathable technology, you don't have to worry about getting too hot either. It also has a neat...

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Neck warmers with style

Neck warmers with style

All our neck warmers are made from microfibre polyester & polar fleece which enables it to retain it’s shape, is extremely durable and more importantly… warm, perfect for outdoor wear!

It also has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, it’s breathable, wind, dust, tear and stain resistant so even though its not indestructible it’s basically a pretty tip top neck warmer for the winter months

Being a microfibre polyester it us to print high detail artwork with stunning colour retention onto our neck warmers so you’ll look good no matter how cold it gets.