Awesome gifts for Snowboarders this Christmas - Gift Guide

Snowboarders rejoice Christmas is finally here! 

That's right fellow peeps the Christmas season is finally here and with that the snow is falling on all our favourite winter destinations. We're guessing your feeling rather excited about shredding down some slopes in Europe or further field. So why not take a gander at this rather tasty list of gear and add it to your Christmas list. If you've been good Father Christmas may get it for you.

We're guessing your feeling rather excited about shredding down some slopes this winter.

Snowboard Helmets


Roxy UK snowboard helmet

Roxy UK - Power Powder Hawaiian

Roxy UK does some pretty tasty stuff when it comes to Snowboard attire and we think their Power Powder Hawaiian print snowboard helmet really ticks all the right boxes. It has a stand-out design, comfy fleece lined fit, nice snug removable ear pads and of course some safety shock absorb foam thrown in for good measure.

£70 - Buy this helmet


Quicksilver Snowboard Helmet

Quicksilver - Skylab 2.0 Space & Oil

You can't go wrong with a bit of Quicksilver kit and this stunning snowboard helmet is no different. We love the "Space & Oil" artwork, it's subtle but on closer inspection, it really draws you in. Obviously, like any well-respected helmet manufacturer this beauty is fleece lined to keep your noggin warm, fully equipped with all the safety gubbins and is also audio system compatible so you can pound out some tricks to your favourite tracks.

£90 - Buy this helmet


Snowboard Neck Warmers


Matterhorn Neck Warmer

TOR Attire - Matterhorn Neck Warmer

Our very own extremely versatile multi-functional neck warmer, the "Matterhorn". Is blessed with a polar fleece lining which keeps you warm at even the lowest temperatures. Your also going to look rather stylish as it dons its own unique illustration courtesy of Aimee Rixson.

£20 - Buy this neck warmer



The Crazy Daze Thug Rug

Brethren Apparel - Crazy Daze Thug Rug

Thug Rugs are an excellent bit kit! Yes their designs are fantastic but the Thug Rug is always pretty handy as it can fit straight over your riding lid... or under it if your want. So what you waiting for? 

£35 - Buy this thug rug



Goggles & Goggle Covers


Slug Optic

Slug Optic - Magnetic Lens Goggles

"Change your lens in the blink of an eye. Change your strap. Change how you think about Goggles. Say goodbye to expensive, fragile eye-wear. Say ‘hello’ to Slug."

What more could we say? These Goggles are awesome! 

£75 - Buy these Goggles



Proggle - Les Prodains

Made from lint free micro-fibre material to keep your lenses scratch free and clean!

Two plastic clips on either side clip over your goggle strap to insure the Proggle sits snugly over your lenses, protecting your goggles from all the elements of mountain life!

£15 - Buy this Proggle


Snowboard Gloves


Asymbol - Runnels Handicrafter Mitt

Asymbol - Runnels Handicrafter Mitt

Check out these fantastic Mitts! The original artwork was created with acrylics on wood and gives the piece real depth and striking colours. If you don't want to be wearing these Snowboard Mitt's this Christmas your crazy.

Asymbol obviously bring their fantastic craftsmanship to this Mitt and it would be a solid addition to any Snowboarders kit.

 $60 - Buy these Snowboard Mitts


Zeppy - Flower Design Snowboard Glove

Zeppy - Flower Design Snowboard Glove

These snowboard gloves were designed by Boodun at Zeppy. And we have not found a snowboard glove like these. The design is superbly unique and even the grip is illustrated. We think these would look great on the slopes and would ceratinly turn a few heads.

£12.99 - Buy these Snowboard Gloves


Do you have any great Snowboard Accessories that you'd like to share with others? Let us know and we'll get them added to the list! It's time to shred in style this season.

All prices were correct when published, these may have chanced since publication.

Image accreditation - Mike Kline



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