About us


Well howdy! How you doing? Of course your great! 

So you're here to find out some more about TOR Attire, come close and I shall tell you.

I've always had a dream of having a product or brand which I could call my own and build a legacy for my kids, in my youth I spent hours customising t-shirts with hand drawn artwork. Obviously some of these never made the light of day as they were horrendous but this memory gave me the spring board to creating TOR.

The idea is to source great illustrators who wouldn't mind following my creative briefs and having their artwork printed upon clothing & accessories. I decided to start out with neck warmers as I'm a keen snowboarder and was always put off by the boring solid colour, repeatable pattern or crazy faced neck/face warmers. I wanted something stylish and functional which I'd be happy to wear on the slopes and down the bar after a hard day on the mountain.

Which brings us to today... "The Matterhorn", our first range has been produced! And I'm already excited about getting other illustrators on board. 

Feel free to drop me an email or contact me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you want a chat and follow TOR.

Speak to soon.